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Shelfsystems for house and garden

The right solution for every market! We can work with you to build a range of plastic house and garden products to meet your particular requirements locally. From laundry baskets to freezer containers, our selection is fully geared-up to meet customers’ specific requirements, so that you can improve customer loyalty. In so-doing, you can also increase your turnover per square metre to well above average.

 With our product range on sale, you can establish yourself as the go-to outlet for customers in this sector - and at prices that are all like special offers. Our small minimum order values, combined with prompt delivery times, will ensure continuity of availability in your outlet.

Private Labelling

Increasingly, price-conscious consumers are turning to own label brands. Thanks to our considerable production network and our adaptability, we can provide products labelled as your own brand. Putting your own mark on items can bring the highest margins. So - we deliver the right house and garden products for you, and even brand them as your own!

Topseller for your promotional campaigns

Entry-level prices make our household and garden products ideal for your special offers and promotional campaigns. Our products are needed in homes time and time again. Customers do consider shelf prices, so attractive low-cost offers will always pay dividends at the POS by repeat footfall.

We can support your promotional campaigns through reliability of supply and delivery, together with high-quality images and texts about our products.