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innovative new items

We are highly dynamic when selecting our product range, responding to constant changes in the non-food-market. Our non-food product range stands heads above the rest. We continually update our catalogue, in co-operation with our retail trade partners, to meet the demands of this huge and ever-changing market. This gives our customers the reassurance that they are getting the latest top-selling products.


Household products

Plastic homeware for daily use is, for many retailers, one of their most important product categories. As key traders in this sector, we supply the entire product-range from clothes pegs and brush sets through to laundry baskets. We focus on products in the entry-level price-range. Together with our suppliers, we manufacture 95% of our range within Europe.

Our customers benefit from our careful selection of products and professional service. In fact, many choose to have a complete Centi-System wall in their outlets.

Gardening products

17% growth by 2020! The garden-product market, e.g. planters, is a huge opportunity just waiting to be tapped into. The 2006 BBE Handelsberatung (trading advice) study predicts that this market will grow from €566 million in 2006 to €1 billion by 2020.

The pleasure Germans derive from designing their ‘outdoor living room’ is immeasurable. Our wide product range makes us your perfect partner in this profitable sector. When we supply you from our innovative catalogue, you will be perfectly equipped to meet all the demands of your own customers. We are your one-stop supplier, providing for all of your needs - including comprehensive advice, if you need it.