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Top-selling solutions with high levels of productivity

We all operate in a highly competitive environment. It’s no-longer enough simply to sell items cheaply. These days, it is those with established expertise in the synergy of sales that continue to be successful. We offer a wide range of household plastic products and planters at extremely competitive prices. We are more than happy to make an offer tailored to your particular requirements, and then continue to make sure your shelves remain well stocked.

Innovative products for your promotional campaigns

Our entry-level price range for house and garden products makes them particularly suitable for promotions. Such items are regularly replaced in households, so shoppers are constantly on the lookout for good value deals, and will happily return to your POS. We will support you with competitively-priced promotional products, a reliable delivery schedule, and with high quality images and texts for the articles.

Inexpensive manufacturing prices

We see ourselves as a ‘virtual factory’. Through our substantial network of strategic partners and contacts, we are highly-skilled wholesale merchants, offering a strong product range by filtering our range to top-selling products. By manufacturing ourselves, in addition to having long-term relations with other producers, we are able to offer manufacturer prices, cutting out the expense of the middleman.

Quick deliveries

With such a wide product-range, the time between ordering and delivery is vital. Goods can only be sold when they are at your POS! To make sure that we meet your demands, we have an electronic order management system, together with a state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure. We ensure that your orders are delivered quickly, in full and without damage. Usually, we deliver regular orders within 5 working days. Our stock is warehoused at our facility in Koblenz.

Ecological European production

We only offer what we can sell with a clear conscience. We realise that the responsible use of resources is not only a commandment of our time, but also an economic necessity. As far as is humanly possible, we use recyclable material in all of our products. We comply with the relevant EU and German standards for safety and for protecting the environment; the materials we use are constantly checked to ensure this is the case. As 95% of our products are manufactured within Europe and stored locally, we save many tons of CO2 emissions, when compared with goods that are imported from China.

Many years of experience

Centi has been trading since the turn of the Millennium. Our tried-and-tested methods ensure that we avoid unnecessary waste from the outset. We build extremely close relationships with both our manufacturing partners and with our customers, and have done so from the moment we began trading. Even with years of experience behind us, we always value our customers’ feedback, remain open to new ideas, and are ready to meet new challenges.